GEN200 offers a unique two-part defence system for your plants.

The micro elements and 100% bio-absorbable ortho silicic acid in GEN200 Control regulate the uptake of nutrients by the plants and improve their natural defence system.
The 100% natural hydrolyzed amino acids in GEN200 Grow accelerate the growth of the roots and chlorophyll-level in the plant. Together, these two components constitute the GEN200 defensive approach.

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Our Products

GEN200 Control


GEN200 CONTROL ensures the regulation of the growth of the plants and their natural defence system. This ensures that the plants are more resistant against diseases and distresses such as extreme heat and cold.

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GEN200 Grow


GEN200 Grow is a proprietary organic roots and growth stimulator that is composed of completely natural hydrolyzed pharmaceutical-grade amino acids. GEN200 Grow accelerates the formation of new roots and ensures healthy growth and development of your plants.

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