Farmers can save money by using GEN200, because of the decreased importance of the use of insecticides, fungicides and pesticides. Higher yield and better quality of products with increased shelf life due to better water retention in fruits and vegetables is another advantage.

Humans, animals & birds are vaccinated immediately after birth to develop resistance against diseases leading to healthy & disease free life. Likewise, the active water soluble GEN200 Control when applied through foliar spray works on the entire plant system increasing resistance against disease and pest attacks. Result – plants are healthier and have and improved output both in the yield & quality of produce.

Farmers now can save money due to lesser usage of insecticides, fungicides & other pesticides with the use of GEN200 Control.

  • Powered by the goodness of its bio-active ingredients, GEN200 Control reduces abiotic stresses and also acts as a stimulant improving germination in water stress & salt stress conditions.
  • Crops that grow with GEN200 Control developes higher percentage of Chlorophyll in their system. This means superior bio synthesis which leads to increased foliage, flowering & fruit setting.
  • Increased shelf life due to lesser water loss in fruits & vegetables are the added advantages.

So come join the GEN200 GREEN REVOLUTION to save your crop from diseases, insect pests & variations in climate & accomplish a golden harvest.