The GREEN Revolution

GEN200 Control is a new revolutionary product that ensures optimal growth and flowering result with plants; it even prevents diseases.

GEN200 Control contains the only really patented absorbing form of Orthosilicic acid (OSA) = 2,4 % for plants. It is especially effective as far as plant structure, plant physiology and protection against diseases and insects are concerned.

Your plants will take root more quickly, develop stronger stems and leaves, resulting in an abundantly clear improvement of photosynthesis. Moreover GEN200 Control realizes a positive effect on the absorption of phosphorus, which in turn results in bigger flowers / fruit. You will be amazed!

What is GEN200 Control?

GEN200 Control is a beneficial, catalytic nutrient which enhances crop output. This European technology based and patented product by prof. D. Vanden Berghe contains a bio-available form of silica that provides crops with a host of benefits. The active water-soluble GEN200 Control when applied through foliar spray works on the entire plant system not only making the plant healthier but also improving yield and quality of produce. Moreover it ensures that your crop gets improved strength and resistance to ward off various diseases and insects.

Farmers can now save money due to lesser usage of insecticides, fungicides and pesticides with the use of GEN200 Control. Higher yield and better quality of produce with increased shelf life due to lesser water loss in fruits and vegetables is another distinct advantage.

Powered by the goodness of its bio-active ingredients, GEN200 Control not just reduces abiotic stresses but also acts as a stimulant that improves germination in salt stress and water stress conditions. Crops that grow with GEN200 Control care develop higher percentage of chlorophyll in their system. This means superior bio synthesis leading to increased foliage, flowering and fruit setting.

Tomatoes grow better with GEN200

Why is GEN200 Control essential?

Crops require a combination of nutrients for optimal growth. However, if any one of those nutrients is deficient, plant growth will be poor even if other nutrients are in excess. Silica is a highly deficient nutrient in Agriculture today! The key to overcoming this deficiency is making silica bio-available to the plant. Unlike traditional silica fertilizers, GEN200 Control contains 1000 times more active water-soluble, bio-available silica restoring nutrient balance to plant and help superior utilization of other nutrients and thus increase crop efficiency.

Why is GEN200 Control better?

As you can see in the table below, GEN200 is non-poisonous and you need less of the product in comparing to other products.

GEN200 Control

Other fertilizers

Active water-soluble silica

1000 times more

Regular amount

Bio-available silica



Can be poisonous



Leaves poisonous residue



Where can GEN200 Control be used?

  • Can be used to enhance yield of all crops -cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, fruits, plantation crops etc.
  • Can be mixed with other liquid pesticides or insecticides to enhance efficacy
  • High efficacy even in water and salt stress conditions

We have a specified list of usage per crop here.

How does GEN200 Control help?

  1. Invigorates flowering to enable greater yield
  2. Maintains water levels in plant system
  3. Increases shelf-life of fruits and vegetables
  4. Allows seeds to grow even under salt or water stress
  5. Aids in growth of roots and improves absorption of nutrients
  6. Develops immunity in plants to fight against fungus, insects, virus & nematodes, etc.

You can check out our research to see the results of use with and without GEN200.

How does GEN200 help?

Other benefits:

  • Improves uptake and utilization of all other nutrients to help reduce dosages of other inputs
  • Restricts penetration of fungal germ tube and kills fungal hyphae that penetrate cells
  • Prevents absorption of toxic metals and protects the crop

There are even more benefits from which you can profit.