GEN200 Earth

GEN200 EARTH increases the yield and quality of the products.

Although the importance of Silicon (Si) in agriculture is still little accepted, the consequences will only be better understood when one knows more about adding the presence Silicon (Si) in the soil. Now it is slowly becoming accepted as an important element in plants beneficial to function optimally.

GEN200 EARTH are granules with 100% bio availble active silicon, super concentrated. As a result, the product gradually dissolves in the earth, and is effective for a long time. Only a single addition per harvest is enough to keep your plants healthy and strong.



  • unlike other silicon compounds (silicates of potassium/calcium/sodium), non-toxic and leaves no residues in farm produce.
  • an unique, concentrated and stabilized silicic acid, a bio available form of Silicon.
  • can be mixed with regular fertilizers and/or crop protection products.
  • improves resistance of plants against fungal and bacterial diseases.
  • improves resistance of plants against insect pests.
  • helps in alleviating the abiotic stresses e.g. water stress, salt stress, etc.
  • improves germination in salt and drought conditions.
  • improves root system in both length and weight.
  • immobilizes the toxic heavy metals.
  • decreases water loss in fruit and vegetables after harvest.
  • improves the storage life of fruits & vegetables.
  • can be used for all kinds of crops i.e.; cereals, pulses, oil seeds, vegetables, plantation crops, fruits, etc.


Immediately after planting 5 grains per plant or spread 10 kg per hectare. This can be combined together with other fertilizers (NPK). GEN200 EARTH provides better absorption of these fertilizers. GEN200 EARTH is a 100% ecological product and the only of its kind worldwide. Without any residue and can be used for every crop imaginable.


Keep out of the reach of children. Only for specified use on label. Keep at room temperature. Includes only approved products set out in Annex I of the Regulation (EC ) No 889/2008 on organic production.