GEN200 CONTROL Research

The effective ingredients of GEN200 Control consist of a patented Bio mix of natural micro elements supplemented with Orthosilicic acid (OSA).

Silicon (Si) is one of the elements to be found most on earth, yet hardly ever as an absorbent. Human beings, animals and vegetable world all need Silicon. Absorption is only possible in orthosilicic form ( OSA) = SI(OH)4.  Gen200 Control contains 2,4 % of OSA and is 100 % bio-available by plants.

Silicon monitors and regulates the maximum absorption of nutrients for plants.

Silicon increases the defence mechanism of plants by means of activating their immune systems. Cell walls become stronger thus resulting in a decrease of susceptibility to various diseases.

Your plants will grow greener, healthier and stronger, which will eventually lead to superior crops and bigger yields.

Silicon also avoids dehydration of your plants. Therefore your plants will be able to stand stress factors such as heat and cold.

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