Using GEN200 Control to control the height of plants

Posted by on Nov 6, 2017 in News |

Using GEN200 Control to control the height of plants

Silicon uptake by plants strengthens cell walls and improves stiffness in the plants’ epidermis. Because of this, the use of GEN200 Control can be effective in controlling the vertical growth of plants. By feeding the plants increased doses of GEN200 Control, they will get elevated levels of silicon in their system.

The physical effects this silicon has on the cell walls and outer layers of the plant prevent the plant tissue from stretching. The result is shorter plants, with decreased internode length and a multitude of side branches. Be careful not to increase the dosage too high.

For most vascular plants, a dosage of 1:4000 is enough to significantly limit the vertical stretch. For young plants, a dilution ratio of 1:5000 may be effective as well.

Look for signs of overdosing by testing the flexibility of the leaves. If the leaves break upon touching, the silicon levels in the plant are too high.