Liquid Pink

Gen200 Liquid Pink (A) is a concentrated and highly available nitrogen and calcium based fertilizer, which is stabilized in a way that improves plant uptake for an optimal growth during cultivation on soil or hydro.

Benefits :

• Concentrated N+CA with high uptake

• Strengthens cell wall structures

• Can be used on all substrates

• Provides your plant with all nutrients it needs to grow

• To be used with all watering systems

How to use :

• 150 ml – 350 ml per 100 L water

• 1:666 to 1:300

Directions for use :

Shake well before each use. Add 150 ml to 350 ml GEN200 Pink (A) to 100 liters of water. The product can be applied via the substrate. GEN200 Pink (A) may be applied to all kinds of plants. Keep below room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.


Liquid Pink

Available in:

1000ml, 5000ml, 10000ml

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Complete Basic Care

Total plant

Gen200 Complete Basic Care is a combination of 4 concentrated and balanced powders. It has been specially developed to provide your plants with all basic- and booster nutritions from planting to harvest and from week to week. By combining the balanced powder formulas of these 4 products diluted in water according to schedule, you have exactly all the ingredients, for a great yield.


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