Complete Basic Care

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Gen200 Complete Basic Care is a combination of 4 concentrated and balanced powders. It has been specially developed to provide your plants with all basic- and booster nutritions from planting to harvest and from week to week. By combining the balanced powder formulas of these 4 products diluted in water according to schedule, you have exactly all the ingredients, for a great yield.


Essential Extra Care

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Gen200’s Essential Extra Care products help you to keep your plants healthy and strong. Developed by industry leading scientists, they set new standards in plant care.


Breaks up dead roots in the substrate, giving your next grow space for healthy new roots.


Creates exceptionally greener plants by adding a special mix of trace elements to the standard calcium, magnesium and nitrogen.


Allows you to reach the right acidity levels in feeding water so your plants can absorb all nutrients you provide.


Fast working lime that protects your soil from sudden changes in acidity levels.


Professional Care

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Gen200’s Professional Care line consists of Control, the Original OSA Formula, and Grow, a unique root booster. Both products were developed with the professional grower in mind.


Makes your plants stronger and more resistant against stress, giving you a stable and carefree grow.

Grow roots

is a biological product specially developed to give plants a good start.

Resin enhancer

is a strong biological enhancer that stimulates the production of chlorophyll and the formation of resin and crystals.

Final touch PK

is a bio-mineral bloom booster which does it all.


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